News and results of the confrontations of the Egyptians participating in the Tokyo Olympics at dawn on Friday


The early hours of Friday morning witnessed a number of competitions for Egyptian players participating in some individual games at the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

and presents El-Ahly.comThe most important news and results of the Egyptian players in the confrontations they fought at dawn today, Friday, and ended hours before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games at noon.

Abdel-Khaleq Al-Banna qualifies for the quarter-finals of rowing

Abdel-Khal Q. Al-Banna, the Egyptian rowing player, succeeded in qualifying for the individual quarter-finals in the rowing competition, which started at 2:15 am.

The Egyptian and African champion participated in the sixth race and managed to finish the competition in the 500-meter race after one minute and 43 seconds behind the German player Oliver. زيدلر.

Al-Banna came second again behind the German player, but this time in the 1000m race, after he finished the race in three minutes and 31 seconds, six seconds behind the first place.

In the 1500m race, Japan’s Ryota Arakawa overtook and took second place, leaving Al-Banna to drop to third, only one second ahead of the Japanese player.

With these results, Al-Banna guarantees qualification to the quarter-finals of rowing, in which 24 competitors will participate, and will be held at dawn next Monday, at 2:00 Cairo local time.

Amal Adam occupies the penultimate position and faces Korean Minhee in bow and arrow – women’s singles.

Amal Adam, the Egyptian player in the bow and arrow, occupied the penultimate position in the preliminary round of the competition, in which 64 players participate. Then the confrontations of the next round are determined by scissors, against the first place holder for the last place, and so on.

Amal Adam, who came in 63rd place with 570 points, will face her South Korean counterpart Minhee Gang, who ranked second with 677 points.

The competition between the duo is scheduled to take place at dawn on Wednesday, specifically at four in the morning Cairo time.

Youssef Tolba faces a hero Kazakhstan bow and arrow men’s singles

Youssef Tolba, the Egyptian player, finished the preliminary round in 56th place, with 645 points, in the men’s singles bow and arrow championship.

Thus, Youssef Tolba, 20, will face Kazakh Denis Jankin, 31, in the next round.

Mohamed Amer faces the American champion in the fencing weapon – singles

The draw for the men’s singles round of 32 resulted in a fiery confrontation for our Egyptian player, Mohamed Amer, against American champion Daryl Homer in the sport of singles-flying at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics..

The confrontation between the duo is scheduled to take place in the role of “32”, at dawn on Saturday, July 24, at 5:20 Cairo time.

Mohab Samer faces the Georgia player in the fencing weapon – singles

Our Egyptian player Mohab Samer was drawn against Georgia’s Sandro Pazadze, and the match between them will take place at 6:10 Cairo time.

Ziad Al-Sisi faces the Russian champion In a weapon duel – individual

According to the official website of the Olympics, the draw for the round of 32 resulted in a confrontation between our Egyptian star, Ziad Al-Sisi, and the player of the Russian Committee, Veniamin Reshetnikov.

The organizing committee indicated that the confrontation will take place at dawn on Saturday, July 24, at exactly six o’clock in the morning.


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