News 24 | Turkish Trabzon shocked victory over the Greek deal


Anastasios BakastasThe Al-Nasr club board of directors, headed by Musli Al Muammar, received a shock from the Turkish club Trabzonspor, regarding its negotiations with one of its players during the current summer transfer period.

Trabzonspor club, according to Turkish press reports, rejected an offer from Al-Nasr club worth 6 million euros, in order to obtain the services of the Greek Anastasios Bakastas.

Pacasitas played for many Greek clubs, including Astiras Tripolis, Trasivolos, Aris Thessaloniki and Panionis, before moving to Trabzon, with whom he has a contract that extends until June 2024.

Al-Nasr Club is currently holding a camp in Bulgaria in preparation for the new season (2021-2022), where it will return in the coming days to the Kingdom, in order to complete the preparatory program.


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