News 24 | The Omani Minister of Health: Most of the Corona cases in the Sultanate are from the “delta” strain, which is rapidly spreading and affects all ages


Oman's Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-SaidiToday (Tuesday), the Omani Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Saidi, confirmed that most cases of coronavirus infection in the Sultanate are from the fast-spreading “delta” strain, indicating that it affects all ages, and is more severe than its predecessors.

He explained that the number of patients who were admitted to intensive care directly from their homes in the past days is very high, pointing out that this indicates the severity and ferocity of this disease.

He pointed out that the Sultanate does not allow the entry of any medical product until after ensuring its safety first and its efficiency second, adding that the delay in attracting the vaccine is not due to financial reasons, nor to the government’s lack of seeking to obtain the vaccine, but rather for reasons of global scarcity.


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