News 24 | The feelings were transferred by an ambulance.. An Indian pilgrim completes the rituals after surgery (video)


indian pilgrim "Mohammed"An Indian pilgrim named Muhammad was able to perform Hajj this year, despite undergoing an operation in Mina Hospital.

He explained, during his talk to the “An-Nahar News” program on the news, that he felt pain in the abdomen after reaching the feelings, to be transferred to the hospital and it was found that he suffers from appendicitis.

He added that he underwent surgery, then returned to the camp and continued to perform the rituals, and that he received a high-level service, whether regarding the process of transferring him to the hospital or returning him to the camp again.

For his part, the camp doctor, Dr. Hussein Al-Balushi, said that the patient was received on the day of Tarwiyah, and underwent an appendectomy surgery, then he was transferred from the hospital to Arafat and then to Muzdalifah by ambulance, to complete the Hajj rituals.


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