News 24 | Musli Al Muammar gives good news to Al-Nasr fans about attending the matches


amusing the MuammarThe Chairman of the Al-Nasr Board of Directors, Musli Al Muammar, sent a message to the club’s fans, after the “Mrsoul Park” stadium announced the provision of seasonal tickets for the first time, to be launched in the coming days.

Al Muammar said, through his account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “With our partner Mrsool Park, we started a new journey by launching the seasonal ticket service for our dear audience.”

And the club’s chairman continued: “Your presence and participation is the biggest supporter and motivator for our players to achieve your aspirations in the next season… and your place is reserved. This is a message for every lover and lover of victory.”

was Mrsool Park’s Twitter account He made it clear that the tickets will be offered through the special electronic platform without revealing the date of the launch or the price list, in order to allow those wishing to attend the matches hosted by the stadium at the beginning of the sports season.

Al-Nasr will start its league campaign at “Mrsoul Park” stadium by facing Damak on the 13th of next August in the first round, while Al-Taawon will meet in the third round at the same stadium on the 26th of the same month.


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