News 24 | India: More than 45 thousand cases of “black fungus” among Corona patients


India: More than 45 thousand cases of"black fungus" Among Corona patients India announced yesterday (Wednesday) that more than 45,000 cases of “black fungus” have been recorded among patients with the emerging coronavirus. During the past two months.

India’s Deputy Health Minister, Bharati Praveen Pawar, told parliament that more than 4,200 people had died due to “mold mycosis”, which is usually a rare disease, but it has spread in the country among people who have recovered from Corona.

The disease “moldycosis” known as “black fungus” is caused by organisms called molds that can enter the body through breathing or injuries to the skin, which has a death rate of more than 50% and spreads especially among people who have been infected with corona.


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