News 24 | I preferred it to studying law.. A Saudi flight attendant tells her experience working on the plane (video)


ScentA Saudi flight attendant recounted her experience working on the plane and serving passengers, after receiving training at the Prince Sultan Aviation Academy, through several intensive training courses.

The flight attendant, Shatha Abdul Majeed, explained in statements to the “mbc in a week” program, that she had dreamed since her childhood to represent her country and work as a flight attendant on Saudi Airlines flights, noting that despite her studies of law, her love and passion for aviation prompted her to work as a flight attendant.

She pointed out that by virtue of her travels a lot, she was watching the flight attendants, the way they work, their clothes, and how they provide services to travelers, as she dreamed of being one of them, pointing out that when she had the opportunity to work, she applied for him, as she had worked as a hostess for about a year.

For his part, the chief trainer in the air services, Iyad Al-Hamoud, explained that they depend in their training program for flight attendants on 3 axes, which are general appearance, information and ethics, noting that there are strong training programs that cultivate in the navigator a love of the profession.


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