News 24 | Does a person get corona 3 times? .. The “Health” agent answers


Does a person get corona 3 times? .. Agent "the health" answer The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Health Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, revealed that the recurrence of infection with Corona for three times is possible.

Asiri explained,News 24He said that infection with corona twice, in which symptoms are rare, and that infection for three times is possible, and its symptoms are very rare.

He stressed that a positive examination does not necessarily mean an infection, as the examination does not differentiate between the active virus that causes disease and infection and between the remains of the virus and parts of it that cannot cause disease, and therefore the accuracy of the examination depends on the presence of symptoms or the presence of contact with confirmed cases.

And he indicated that a positive test means that the virus or parts of it are present in the nose or throat, and it may enter cells and cause infection, or it may go away on its own.


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