News 24 | “Apple” chooses Riyadh as the headquarters of its academy as the first of its branches in the Middle East and North Africa


American Apple IncThe American company Apple announced that it has chosen the capital, Riyadh, as the headquarters of the “Apple Developer Academy”, as its first branch in the Middle East and North Africa.

In its first phase, the academy will be dedicated to programmers and developers, in partnership with the Saudi Federation for Cyber ​​Security, Programming and Drones represented by Tuwaiq Academy and Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tuwaiq Academy, Faisal Al-Khamisi, explained that the academy will provide tools and training for aspiring female entrepreneurs, developers and designers to establish start-up companies.

He added that this will provide them with finding many jobs in the field of iOS applications, through several tracks they focus on: “programming, business and marketing applications, design, and professional skills.”


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