News 24 | After applying it to the driver of a vehicle in Jizan, what is the amount of the fine for crossing valleys and reefs during their flow?


valleysToday (Sunday), the Emirate of Jazan region applied the violation of “risking crossing valleys and reefs during their flow” to a reckless vehicle driver who risked crossing the torrent in one of the governorate’s valleys, under the direction of the governor of the region, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser.

Table No. 7 attached to the traffic system stipulates that the violator shall be penalized by crossing the valleys during their flow with a fine of no less than 5,000 riyals and not more than 10,000 riyals.

It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers decided at the beginning of this year to add a paragraph bearing No. 6 to the schedule of violations No. 7 attached to the traffic system, with the following text: “Risking to cross valleys and reefs during their flow,” in order to enhance safety at the flow of valleys and torrents.

Emirate of Jizan


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