News 24 | A video of a TV reporter staining her clothes to claim her aid in relief work in Germany


Correspondent Susanna OlinA German TV reporter has been fired from her job after she was caught smearing herself in mud before filming a report, allegedly to appear to have helped relief efforts in the flood-ravaged city of Bad Minsterville.

Reporter Susanna Olin, 39, was shown smearing herself with mud before filming began, in what some saw as an attempt to mislead viewers by suggesting that she had helped in relief efforts in the city after torrential floods killed at least 128 people in Germany.

A video clip on the Internet – posted by someone on the site – condemned the reporter, prompting the German RTL channel to issue a statement declaring that what the reporter had done was clearly inconsistent with the journalistic principles and standards of the channel.

The clip showed Olin, wearing a blue shirt, hat and shoes, then bending over and putting some mud on her clothes while surrounded by houses and debris from the floods, then bending over again to wipe her face in the mud.

For her part, the woman apologized for what happened, justifying what she had done by saying that she wanted to appear in this way so that she would not feel ashamed if aid workers saw her clean clothes, while they were suffering from what they are in, noting that she had already helped in the previous days in the relief work.


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