News 24 | A patient suffers from severe symptoms after recovering from “Corona” in Jazan… and a medical team saves her


General Directorate of Health Affairs in JazanA medical team at King Fahd Central Hospital in Jazan was able to save a patient from damage after suffering from symptoms of acute hypoperfusion in the upper extremity, after recovering from the “Corona” virus.

The General Directorate of Health Affairs in Jazan indicated that the patient had suffered from severe ischemia in the upper left extremity. As a result of the cessation of blood flow to the main artery feeding the left upper extremity and parts of the brain, 10 days after her recovery from Corona.

She pointed out that the necessary medical measures were taken through surgical intervention to remove the peripheral clots for reperfusion in the upper extremity, with the dissolution of the central clots through the continuous intravenous injection technique, before the patient recovers and leaves the hospital after 5 days.


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