News 24 | A “Health” spokesperson explains the high infection numbers in countries such as Britain, despite the expansion of vaccinations


speaker "the health" Explains the high numbers of infection in countries such as Britain, despite the expansion of vaccinations Today, Sunday, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, explained the increase in the number of coronavirus infections in expanding countries by giving vaccines to their residents, such as Britain.

During his response to journalists’ questions at the conference on Corona developments, he stressed that the world’s passage of a number of waves of rising infections in Corona is due to several factors, including the level of commitment to precautionary measures, in addition to the mutated “Delta”, which was a major cause of provoking multiple waves around the world.

He pointed to the differences that characterize the wave that passes through a number of countries around the world and their previous counterparts, stressing that the greater the proportion of the population covered with two doses in these countries, the greater the health security compared to other countries.

He stated that the number of infections may be close in different waves, but there is a clear difference between the numbers of inpatients in intensive care in the past and during the wave that followed the spread of vaccines.


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