News 24 | A consultant advises those who suffer from rapidly increasing “drowsiness” to see a doctor…and explains the danger of narcolepsy


narcolepsy Dr. Saad Al-Sharif, a consultant chest and sleep medicine consultant, advised those who suffer from “drowsiness” conditions that affect their working lives during daylight hours, to quickly consult a doctor, to ensure the extent of his “compulsive sleep” disease.

Al-Sharif said in an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya channel, that compulsive sleep is an organic disease that affects 50 people out of every 100,000 people, and it begins gradually in the period of adolescence and early youth and then increases after that, pointing out that it affects job and academic performance and the performance of family duties.

He added that the causes of this condition have not yet been reached, pointing out that narcolepsy is of two types, one of which is related to a decrease in the level of one of the brain’s nerve nuclei, which is responsible for alertness.


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