News 24 | A citizen rescues stranded expatriates in the Nafud desert in Hail (video)


A citizen rescues expatriatesA citizen managed to rescue expatriates, stranded in the Nefud desert, Hail region.

Al-Mana Ahmed, a relative of one of the lost, told Al-Monitor.News 24“His brother and companion have been walking for two whole days in the desert north of Hail.

He added that they were working for a person in the city of Jubbah, north of Hail, and after they finished work, the employer refused to take them to Hail, so they decided to walk the distance.

He indicated that a citizen named “Abu Moqbel” was able to find his brother and friend, after the security aviation’s attempts to search for them to no avail.

He added that after they were found yesterday evening (Monday), they were transferred to Jubbah Hospital and received the necessary treatment, and their health condition is good.


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