New free fire gems recharge and golden coupon winners


In conjunction with the continuation of the process of charging the Free Fire jewels in a guaranteed manner, the game’s official account announced the names of the winners of the free legendary package prizes, and published the winning players’ codes for real golden vouchers, which enhances its strength, presence and spread on various platforms via mobiles, while continuing to participate in competitions and packages. In order to get golden prizes again in the coming days, that is, there is still an opportunity to win more gifts and rewards, which distinguishes this game from other electronic games.

Get gold vouchers for free fire

There is still a chance to participate in the golden vouchers event and get a legendary, exclusive and free package and own a McLaren car, and it requires logging in via Free Fire website Then download the list on social media platforms, then draw the line that will help you to reach that car, then enter the race in order to win the victor’s spirit package. You will be guaranteed a great prize.

Gold voucher winners

The following image bears the codes of the winners’ names to get gifts for the golden vouchers, knowing that the opportunity to repeat the new names of the winners is available during the next second phase, with the possibility of obtaining an account in Free Fire Fighter Free Fire Max.


free fire gems free

As for the best ways to ship Free Fire jewels, they are sure and guaranteed shipping through the site shop2gameIt is an approved site for shipping, allowing you to get what you want from jewels and diamonds at discounted prices and offers, and you can get them by registering the ID number of the electronic payment card, with the freedom to choose the country and currency you want to transfer and pay the freight through, and it also allows the possibility of Linking with your account on the social networking site Facebook, while there are many offers to get gems for free through gifts, prizes, etc., and in the event of a loss, you can re-subscribe again later.


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