Neslihan Atagul’s jealousy causes her husband to separate from the series “Recipe of Love”… A promotional plan?


Turkish websites circulated the news of the separation of actor Kadir Doğlu, husband of actress Neslihan Atagül, from the series “The Recipe for Love”, despite the fact that the series has recently started.

Rumors attributed the reason to Neslihan’s jealousy and annoyance with the video that her husband Kadir published a few days ago with the work’s heroine Sera Ariturk to promote the series, in which he appeared intimately close to her; Which caused him problems with his wife.

According to what was reported, Kadir will leave the series as soon as possible, according to Neslihan’s desire, which the video ignited her change.

The websites reported that the production company is making an intense effort to persuade Kadir to reverse his decision, while some social media pioneers considered this news a mere advertisement for the series in order to raise viewership.


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