Nawal Al Zoghbi fine and Maguy Bou Ghosn: “Pieces and Stew” (video)


Actress Nawal Al-Zoghbi suffered a sudden illness before taking the stage, where she performed a concert in Saydnaya, Syria.

The ill health called for a doctor to be brought to the hotel where she was staying, where she received temporary medical aid so that she could revive the ceremony, after she refused to postpone it out of respect for the audience who was waiting to meet her.

Al-Zoghbi committed to this promise and presented a collection of her old and new lyrical archives, after which she returned to Lebanon, where she urgently entered a hospital in Beirut and underwent the necessary medical examinations to find out the causes of the malaise, especially as she felt severe stomach pain.

According to private information to “Al-Nahar”, Al-Zoghbi was discharged from the hospital and returned to her home, where she is recovering and is subject to medical observation, especially since she has not yet known the causes of the acute pain she felt in the stomach, which she still suffers from intermittently. The hypothesis that she was exposed to poisoning was not confirmed, while waiting for the medical follow-up, which requires further examinations to clarify the truth of what happened with her.

Actress Maguy Bou Ghosn reassured Zoghbi’s audience about her health condition, and wished her a speedy recovery, and wrote a tweet in which she said: “Praise be to God, your peace, O Moon.


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