Nadine Njeim’s son, the youngest director – photo


Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim accompanies her son “Giovanni” to the location of the filming of her new series “Zahra Salon”, in which she continues filming scenes.

Nadine published a picture of Giovanni from the filming site, in which he appeared as the director of the work, puts headphones on his ears and watches on the small screen the representation of his mother.

Nadine Njeim commented on the photos, saying:

(I only see his cheeks, the name of God pricks the eye, he sees with laughter, looking out from the headphones, but how did you see me, is the little one’s exit?

Nadine is very attached to her two sons and did not abandon them after her divorce from her husband, who turned into a friend and they kept respecting each other after the separation.

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Despite her many preoccupations, she always finds enough time for her two sons, and does not publish their photos often, and if she does, she does not reveal their face because she fears them from the negatives of social media, and wants them to live their lives away from noise and cameras.

Nadine knows very well how to balance her work and family life, and here we explain to the women some of the steps by which they achieve a balance between home and work:

1- Get rid of the feeling of guilt: In the event that you are at work, do not try to think completely that you “abandoned” your child to go to work, but rather make your thoughts go in a more positive way, and focus on thinking about your value in your workplace, and the value of what you do while you are there . Know that there are many mothers who have preceded you in balancing success in work and caring for the family, and that this mainly lies in determining your priorities, with the possibility that these priorities differ in different stages of life. Always remember that you are not solely responsible for bearing the responsibilities of the family, but your husband has an essential and effective role, and his participation in taking care of the family is essential even if you are not working.

2- Find a “decent” nursery to take care of your child: ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers, go yourself and meet the nursery officials, bear in mind that certain conditions must be met to suit your requirements, and always look for a nursery that provides you with additional hours of hosting, and that the number of children is small For each teacher, open playgrounds and professional child care workers are available.

3- Make the morning fun: Prepare your daily needs from the night before, such as children’s meals, boys’ clothes and your clothes, choose breakfast for the morning, prepare school or nursery bags, and arrange them next to the door of the house. Share specific tasks with your spouse, such as helping the kids get dressed, getting the kids home, or buying groceries or fruits and vegetables. All these arrangements will help you to have a peaceful breakfast with your family before you head out in the morning. Read also: For the working mother.

4- Organize your family duties on the hanging calendar “Result”: Arrange your family priorities on the calendar of days, such as school events, due dates for various bills, family events, and others. And you can devote a quarter of an hour of your time on the weekend to do this task, because organizing these duties gives you the same comfort as sitting in a clean and organized house.

5- Good communication with your manager at work: You can always negotiate in order to obtain suitable conditions at work, in terms of attendance and departure dates, as well as the dates of delivery of the required work, and these negotiations can be part of your agreement to work from the beginning. Always prepare alternative solutions for emergencies, and take advantage of the experience of others to get the maximum amount of facilities available in your workplace. In the case of maternity leave, always make sure of the period available to you as paid leave, as well as the possibility of extending it as leave without pay.

6- Stay in touch with your children during the day: You can always check on the child while he is in the nursery, and you can also send a video message to him via the teacher’s phone, especially if you will be late for him. You can also prepare your child for the idea that you have been late to work since the morning, with the promise of making up for it.

7- Avoid wasting time: be organized, don’t spend a lot of your time making calls, check email and social media, cut back on TV and make most of your time at home to communicate with your children and husband. At work as well, focus your attention on getting the work done so you don’t have to be late for your children.

8- Arrange special family activities: Make the breakfast and dinner periods special dates for family gathering, and there is no objection to practicing some common activities in the evening such as home games or watching a specific movie or program. You can also devote the weekend to going out or trips and spending quality time with your family.

9- Do not forget to take care of your husband: Do not hesitate to set a monthly date to go out together as a couple, this will help you get out of the daily routine and renew, and enjoy the company of one of you for the other. The woman often neglects her relationship with her husband as a result of work pressures and the burdens of the home and family, so returning to the husband’s care is one of the most important steps you take to revive your marital relationship and get it out of the trap of boredom, routine and neglect.

10- Do not forget to take care of yourself: You can always – with organizing your time – find some time to take care of yourself, or practice your favorite hobbies. Always remember that these times are very necessary to relieve stress, and renew your energies that enable you to carry out your responsibilities to the fullest.

Nadine Najim's son, the youngest director - photo
Giovanni, son of Nadine Njeim


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