Nadine Nassib Njeim introduces her fans to “the place closest to her heart”


Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim spends her time with her family after she finished filming the scenes of the series “Zahra Salon”.

In this regard, Najim shared with the audience a group of photos that she collected with her two sons, and Nadine caught the attention of the followers with her “casual” look and the beauty of her two sons, and the published public considered a kind of motivation to visit various places in Lebanon and a contribution to promoting internal tourism.

And she wrote: “The place closest to my heart is the town of Chouf. When I decided to spend time away from the noise of the city, work and worries, and also my children were happy with a lot of love. Hotel Mir Amin pulled the pictures and saw how old Muttrah is characterized by a very old heritage, sweet positive energy, mountain view, sweet weather and good food.” And calm and at night, a sweet evening with nature, music and dancing… Thank you very much. You made us feel at home, especially Tony (first photo) a person who loves his work and loves his guests who cares about the smallest details. We are very happy and I will be back soon.”


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