mutated delta .. there is no need for all this panic!


Elaf from Dubai: The “delta” mutated from Covid-19 dominated the United States after it swept through several countries, and on its way led to the collapse of the health system in India and elsewhere. But a report in the “New York Post” confirmed that there is no need to panic, as the British experience with this mutant is the best proof of that.

According to the American newspaper, the “Delta” mutate spread in Britain, but the number of deaths as a result and the cases that required hospitalization were less than expected, and the vaccines proved effective, which prompted the American newspaper to deplore the state of fear spread by the media because of this “Delta” mutant.

The New York Post report said: “It is true that the delta mutant that was first detected in India appears to be more contagious than the alpha mutant or the British mutant, and more transmissible by about 50 percent, and this has facilitated the dominance of the delta mutant on the health scene in the world today.” However, figures provided by the “Wall Street Journal” showed that the weekly average of injuries that require hospitalization in Britain today is approximately 2,000 cases, while the number was about 40,000 last January, and the daily death rate in Corona in Britain does not reach 20 cases, The number exceeded 1,000 deaths in January.

A new study said that the “delta” mutant is almost sensitive to a single dose of the vaccine, and this confirms research that said it is able to partially evade the immunity achieved by the vaccine in the human body.

This report was prepared by “Elaf” on New York Post.

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