Mutated delta “less dangerous” .. No need for hysteria!


The mutated “Delta” strain of the Corona virus has become dominant in the United States, after causing severe disasters in other countries, and even causing the collapse of the health system in countries such as India. Despite this, the New York Post confirmed that there was no reason to panic about this strain, citing the British experience with it.

And the newspaper said that the “Delta” strain, although it hit Britain hard, it caused a significantly smaller number of deaths and cases that required medical care in hospitals, and there are still effective vaccines against it..

The newspaper denounced the fear that several media outlets worked to broadcast because of “Delta”, and the headlines it used in its articles regarding this strain..

According to the newspaper, it is true that the “Delta” strain, which was first detected in India, appears to be more contagious than the “Alpha” mutant, which was known as the British strain, and was about 50 percent more transmissible, which gave preference to Delta to dominate. on the scene.

The newspaper cited figures reported by the Wall Street Journal, which indicated that the weekly average of injuries requiring hospitalization in Britain recently was close to 2,000, while the number had reached 40,000 in January..

The figures show that the daily death rate due to corona infection in Britain does not reach 20 cases, while the number was more than 1,000 in January.

The delta variant is currently causing epidemics among unvaccinated populations in countries such as Malaysia, Portugal, Indonesia and Australia.

The new study found that the delta variant was barely sensitive to a single dose of the vaccine, confirming previous research that suggested it could partially evade the immune system..

The “Delta” strain has become scientifically known as the “Delta” strain.B.1.617It is now present in about 80 countries around the world, according to the World Health Organization.


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