Muhammad Mohsen celebrates his wedding anniversary to Heba Magdy: “Every year, we are together, sweet and bitter.”


Singer Mohamed Mohsen celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary to the artist Heba Magdy, and recalled the memories of their celebration of these moments on stage, and Mohamed Mohsen published photos of their celebration during the presentation of the play “One Thousand Nights” with the great star Yahya Al-Fakharani, and commented on this anniversary, saying: “Eid Our passport The first day of 2016 was our engagement on the stage of the National Theater during the performance of the play “One Thousand Nights”.

Mohamed Mohsen on Twitter
Mohamed Mohsen on Twitter

And the singer Muhammad Mohsen added, in his message: “We completed performances throughout the year, and from the great success of the play at that time, we found a time for joy because we used to show daily, so we wrote the book during the day on July 26 quickly so that we could catch up with the play at night,” and concluded: “That is why July 26 is a great day.” and distinguished in our lives. Every year, we are together, sweet and bitter.”

Mohamed Mohsen celebration
Mohamed Mohsen celebration

Earlier, the artist, Heba Magdy, decided to celebrate the birthday of her husband, singer Mohamed Mohsen, with a photo that brought them together from inside their home, to share it with her fans and followers on the Instagram platform, to send him a new message of love and romance in their emotional journey that began years ago.

Mohamed Mohsen Wahba Magdy's celebration
Mohamed Mohsen Wahba Magdy’s celebration

Heba Magdy appeared in the photos that she published with her husband, while they were taking a selfie and showing them the features of happiness and joy, to send him a message saying, “Every year, you are healthy and peace of mind.. Every year, you are a sophisticated and distinguished artist, and your voice dictates the world’s riches and successes .. Every year you are a wonderful and nostalgic father, every year you are my love and with me, and our Lord will never deprive us of you.”


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