Mubadala offers accredited programs from the British Leadership Institute


Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»

Mubadala Healthcare announced that it offers specialized training programs accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the United Kingdom, to develop the leadership skills of employees working across its network of facilities.

The two new leadership programs will constitute a strong addition to the existing training programs and support the Emiratisation policy across all levels and departments.

The first program is called “Boost Boost” and is a three-month course targeting assistants and novice professionals, while the second program, “Advance Taqadam”, includes a six-month course targeting professionals and managers. The two programs include advanced lessons in the basics and skills of leadership, in addition to a digital learning path and regular coaching and mentoring sessions.

Hassan Jassim Al Nowais, CEO of Mubadala Healthcare, explained that the main objective of the new leadership programs is to provide employees with the best skills and expertise at the sector level, which is reflected in the health care services provided to patients, noting that “providing internationally accredited training programs that are suitable for With the needs and requirements of the healthcare sector locally and regionally, it will support the preparation of a new generation of accomplished leaders who can contribute effectively to driving innovation, enhancing research and training activities and raising the quality of standards of care across medical specialties, ensuring multiple benefits for patients and staff.”

Al Nowais pointed out that about 60% of the employees who were nominated to participate in the skills development programs are UAE nationals, and this will contribute in the long term to enhancing the sustainability of the health care sector in the country, by increasing the number of Emiratis with the leadership skills necessary to launch a new era of leadership. in the healthcare landscape in the region.


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