Mourinho communicates with the expected Real Madrid expulsion


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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Italian press sources reported that the new Roma coach, Jose Mourinho, had found his way in the possible expulsion of Real Madrid, as a strategic alternative to the left defender Leonardo Spinazzola, whose absence was confirmed from the stadiums until the end of this year at least, after he was injured In the Achilles tendon, while defending the colors of the homeland against Belgium in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020, which ended with the Italian team winning 2-1.

And the Italian newspapers quoted “Transfer Market” as saying that “Special One” contacted his former player in Los Blancos, Marcelo, to convince him of the idea of ​​reunification in Rome, if he ended up separating from the riyal this summer, in light of rumors that question his survival within Project coach returning to his position Carlo Ancelotti.

Despite his return to the club and his regularity in the pre-season camp, most newspapers close to the club put him at the top of the list of those expelled from “Valdebebas” this summer, first because Mister Carlito did not need his services, after his advanced age, and the shocking drop in his physical rates, affected by With the huge number of injuries he suffered in the last three years, secondly, the club’s desire to get rid of the redundant, to save the wage bill, and also to make way for the awaited new blood.

The same report stated, that the stumbling block does not lie in Real Madrid or Perez, but in Marcelo himself, for his strong adherence to staying with the club until the end of his contract extending to mid-2022, although he knows very well the extent of the club’s need for renewal, and he also knows that the fans are demanding and pressing the administration since A period to get rid of him, and he does so, to benefit from a huge financial reward when signing for his new club under the Bosman law immediately after the end of next season, which may spoil Mourinho’s plan.

Marcelo was one of the brightest stars of the “ten” generation, who won the Champions League 4 times between 2014 and 2018, before his situation changed from the opposite, by his transformation from a key player and a key to playing, to an unused alternative in most matches, due to the decline in his level Because of the curse of injuries that kept him out of action for long periods in Zidane’s second term.


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