Moscow: Washington has adopted the approach of abandoning arms control


The new formulation of Russia’s National Security Strategy reveals that the United States has taken the path of abandoning its arms control obligations. .

The document, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, indicated that the United States “adopted the approach of abandoning its international obligations in the field of arms control.”

The document, which was published today, Saturday, added that plans to deploy American medium and short-range missiles in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region threaten strategic stability and international security, as “tension continues to escalate in conflict areas in the territories of the former Soviet Union, in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and the peninsula. Korean”.

And she added, “The weakening of global and regional security systems is a fertile breeding ground for the spread of international terrorism and extremism.”

The National Security Strategy stated that Russia’s military policy focuses on detecting current and potential military threats and maintaining an adequate level of nuclear deterrence capabilities.

The Russian authorities also intend to develop and implement “political, military, diplomatic, economic, media and other measures aimed at preventing the use of military force against the Russian Federation and defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The document pointed out that the state’s priorities in the field of national security strategy also include protecting national interests and citizens of Russia outside the country, strengthening its defense capabilities and providing the national armed forces with modern weapons and equipment.

Among the new formulation of the National Security Strategy is the follow-up of the ongoing changes in the nature of contemporary wars and conflicts, ensuring the national defense industries’ dependence on self-resources and their continuous modernization, and maintaining their leading positions in the manufacture of models of weapons and military technologies.

The document also stipulated, among other tasks, the necessity of directing the national economy to ensure the protection of the state from any external aggression and to meet the needs of the country’s citizens in time of war.


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