Moscow kicks off the International Kurdish Film Festival


Moscow (Zaman, Turkey) – The first Kurdish film festival kicked off in Moscow on Wednesday, and will continue until July 25, with the participation of 35 artworks.

The artworks include films, shorts and documentaries, from the four parts of Kurdistan, and a number of works by foreign directors were shown.

Well-known personalities in Kurdish culture and art, representatives of consulates of some countries and representatives of Kurdish communities participated in the festival’s opening ceremony. A number of actors, directors and producers from Turkey, Germany, France and Britain were also invited to the festival.

The opening ceremonies included the red carpet, the buffet and the words of welcome, and the opening of the festival will be with a screening of a film produced by women directors, and the opening ceremonies will be concluded with films directed by a female as well.

The film “Daughters of the Sun” directed by Eva Hassoun, who was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival in 2018, will be shown on the “Promo” and talks about the struggle of Kurdish women who were captured by ISIS.

The film “The Little Refugee” by director Botan Qubadi, a film by Bahman Qubadi, and “Zakros” by director Sahim Omar Khalaf from Iraqi Kurdistan, and a number of Kurdish films will be screened.

The festival will conclude with the screening of the movie “House Without a Roof” directed by Solin Youssef.

It is noteworthy that all the films of the festival participated in different years in international festivals and won valuable prizes.


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