Mortada Mansour opens fire on the management of Zamalek: “They are tied to the dignity of the club, the land.”



Mortada Mansour opens fire on the Zamalek administration:


Counselor Mortada Mansour, the former president of Zamalek club, attacked the committee in charge of managing the club headed by Hussein Labib, during a congratulatory message to the fans of the White Castle on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

Mortada Mansour said, through his personal page on the “Facebook” website: “First, I apologize for the delay in publishing the congratulatory statement for reasons beyond my control, because the official page does not exist because of an international and not a local actor, and the second page was disabled for reasons that I do not know. Please accept the delay because it caused me grief and pain even Communicating with our great people through one of the social networks has also become difficult and even forbidden after I was prevented from speaking on any Egyptian channel, even the Zamalek channel, which I had the honor of being its founder and still the chairman of its board of directors, and it was occupied by some psychiatric patients who were attacking Zamalek, the entity and its board of directors, and they were not dreaming. By passing in front of its gate, but we were able to bear it with patience and relief is coming soon, God willing.

This is the congratulations I sent to the admin of the page and the delay in its release for reasons we do not know:

“Every year, the great people of Egypt and the Arab and Islamic peoples are fine, in the forefront of all of them are my family and loved ones, the fans of the Zamalek Club, who ashamed me with their respectful and continuous stance to support the great entity Zamalek Club and its board of directors, which represents this loyal audience and its general assembly, which I have never seen before in loyalty, sincerity and steadfastness on the position, despite The unprecedented difficult circumstances that a great club is going through, unfortunately, is occupied by some of the losers who devote themselves to media broadcasts and congratulatory telegrams, then withdraw them and provoke the fans and club members.”

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He added: “They were swamped with the club’s dignity, the land that entered its coffers, after the legs of these jinx committees gave our club more than 300 million pounds, and unfortunately they lost it. 70 million pounds, and they exposed the club by opening the door for donations, so that our ancient club became a subject of ridicule and a treat from some mental patients.

And Mansour continued: “While the rival club has won 5 championships since our legitimate council expelled the elected, including the local and the continental, these occupying committees of the club without legitimacy did not purchase a single Kochi shoe, not contracting with a super player the size of the team players currently, and did not buy a single chair for the members, but destroyed all What we built in 6 years… God willing, relief is very near.”

Source: “almasryalyoum”


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