Maya Diab launches a new challenge and her followers interact.. in the video


The Lebanese singer launchedMaya DiabA new challenge, through a video clip that she posted on her personal page on the social networking site.
Maya appeared in the video while practicing rope skipping, making quick movements with the rope, and demonstrating her physical fitness.
She commented on the video, saying: “A new challenge on the songsweetest wordsCome on, join me in this challenge and show me your creations!”
Maya’s followers interacted widely with the new challenge, and many of them praised her grace and way of promoting her new songs, in which she relies on suspense and innovation.
It is noteworthy that Maya’s last work was the song “Ahla Kalam”, written by Mahmoud Khayami, composed by Nasser Al-Jeel and arranged by Hadi Sharara.
The clip for the song exceeded 5 million views, a month after its release.


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