Maya Diab congratulates Nawal Al Zoghbi on the song “Arcs”… and thus she commented


12:32 AM

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi:

The artist, Maya Diab, was keen to congratulate her compatriot, singer Nawal Al Zoghbi, after the release of her latest song, “Dance”, on YouTube.

Maya wrote, through her account on Twitter: “People are busy with difficult life matters, and I am one of them, but you take a break. I said, let me dance on Nawal’s new song. Congratulations, the sweet, rich golden star.”

For its part; Nawal commented: “Chloe with a mile, only Maya dances with a mile.. I love you.”

The song “Arqs” is written by Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Alfred Al-Assaad, and arranged by Robert Al-Assaad.

The lyrics of the song “Dance” by Nawal Al Zoghbi say: “My heart dances to its beats.. Your love changed all of its life.. Completed the missing piece..Give your hand the ornament of the dance..Dance..Dance..Dance..Dance on my heart. As we are..and no people or world are satisfied with us..and the one who envy us.. is splitting and imitating us.


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