Marwan Khoury publishes a romantic video with his bride and continues his celibacy celebrations


Marwan Khoury continued his celebrations of the approaching date of his farewell to celibacy and the celebration of his wedding, and published a new video of him with his bride, which caught the eye because of their romance and celebrations before the official wedding date.

A new romantic video of Marwan Khoury with his bride

The artist Marwan Khoury shared his fans today with a new video with his bride on his Instagram account, and caught the eye because of their romance, and the duo appeared in the video as they celebrated again the approaching date of their marriage and farewell to celibacy. The video shows him dancing and celebrating with his bride, singing to her and kissing her.

Marwan Khoury continues his bachelorette party celebrations

Marwan Khoury thanked his girlfriend for surprising her and organizing the surprise celebration on the occasion of his farewell to celibacy, and commented on the video he posted on Instagram and said: “I would like to thank our dear friend Fadia for this special farewell to celibacy surprise.” The video received a great interaction from the audience as well as his fellow stars, who presented Congratulations to him on the approaching date of his wedding and the special celebrations of his celibacy.

Marwan Khoury announces the date of his wedding

The artist, Marwan Khoury, had revealed, a few months ago, in statements to the program “”AND In Arabic, about his intention to marry soon to a girl from outside the artistic community, and said that he is preparing to hold a small wedding party in which the attendance is limited to family and close friends, and Marwan Khoury said: “My wedding will be this year and will be limited to family only. It came after many years,” adding that he decided to bid farewell to celibacy for the sake of stability and security, which is what every person is looking for.

Marwan Khoury sparked controversy after some believed that he celebrated his wedding after circulating photos and videos of him with his bride, but he revealed the date of the wedding and confirmed that these clips are from his celebrations of farewell to celibacy. It was set up by close friends for us, and it was in the honor of my fiancée, and the marriage will take place during the month of September, God willing, and you have all my love and thanks.”


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