Marwan Khoury bids farewell to his celibacy and celebrates with the bride..with video and photos


Marwan Khoury finally bid farewell to his celibacy, as he is considered one of the most famous single stars in the artistic community, and his fans circulated photos and videos in which he appeared with his bride in the atmosphere of an evening celebrating farewell to celibacy, where the evening included a crowd of his relatives and friends.

Marwan Khoury celebrates his farewell to celibacy

Fans of the Lebanese star Marwan Khoury shared a set of photos and video clips from the evening of his celebration of farewell to celibacy on a girl from outside the artistic community, where Marwan Khoury appeared next to her, and also appeared in another video, swaying with her to the beat of one of the songs, while the bride appeared wearing a black evening dress with layers of chiffon and ruffles, while her hair was decorated with a collar of white roses.

Marwan Khoury: “My official wedding is in September”

Marwan Khoury later clarified that the pictures circulating of him are not publicizing the official marriage, but rather come as part of one of the festive evenings in farewell to celibacy, announcing that his official marriage will take place during the month of next September. After yesterday’s evening was set up for us by close friends, and it was in honor of my fiancée, and that the marriage will take place during the month of September, God willing, and you have all my love and thanks.”

Congratulations were poured out on Marwan Khoury, who was reluctant to marry, and the audience wished him a happy married life, expressing their happiness with the decision taken by their star and finally bidding farewell to celibacy.

Maroun Khoury and the specifications of his bride

The artist Marwan Khoury had previously revealed a few months ago in statements to the program “AND In Arabi, about his intention to marry soon a girl from outside the artistic community, and said that he is preparing to hold a small wedding party in which the attendance is limited to family and close friends..

Marwan Khoury said: “My wedding will be this year and it will be limited only to parents, and I am happy with this step, which came after many years,” adding that he decided to bid farewell to celibacy for the sake of stability and safety, which is what every person seeks, and indicated that this is the first motive. He got married after this age of celibacy in addition to the idea of ​​establishing a family and having children.

Marwan Khoury spoke about his bride in his statements and said that she is from outside the artistic community, but she works in another field and is close to him, and revealed that the emotional harmony occurred between them because of the understanding and her love for his personality and his music, and it is not required to consider him a star, but considers it important that his wife be loving his work and his music.

In the meeting, Marwan Khoury touched on the specifications of his bride and said that he was looking for a wife who understands his work and his difficult atmosphere, in addition to her love for his music and gives him confidence in that, in addition to her possession of a personality and a work as well because he believes that this is her right, although he tends to the eastern character in his emotional relationship, He added that he is not romantic all the time like his songs but there are other different aspects and things in his personality.

Marwan Khoury’s latest work

Marwan Khoury had released a duet a while ago with the Iraqi artist, Aseel Hamim, entitled “Hakayet Love”, the words of Dr. Youssef Suleiman, composed by Mahmoud Eid, arranged by Alexander Misakian, mixed by Roger Abi Akl, and the song is in the Gulf dialect.


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