“March of high heels” ignites a wave of anger in Ukraine


A wave of anger erupted in Ukraine after female soldiers marched in a military parade in high heels, in a stereotyping of the image of women, which made the scene a laughing stock for everyone.
And the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported, on Saturday, that the Ukrainian authorities found themselves in the middle of a wave of controversy after the spread of pictures of female soldiers in high heels.
The offer came as part of Ukraine’s preparations to celebrate next month’s 30th anniversary of independence from the former Soviet Union.
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“For the first time, training is done with heels,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s information website quoted trainee Ivana Medved as saying.
“It’s a little more difficult than in army boots, but we’re trying,” Medved added.
The matter sparked a torrent of criticism in social networks and in Parliament.
In their criticism of the move, a number of Ukrainian lawmakers, close to former President Petro Poroshenko, appeared wearing pairs of high-heeled shoes and encouraged the Minister of Defense, high heels, in the military parade, like the female soldiers.
Representative Inna Sofson said there were health risks, adding, “I can’t imagine a more ridiculous and harmful idea” than wearing these shoes.
She also added that women enlisted in Ukraine, like men, risk their lives and “do not deserve ridicule.”
More than 31,000 women now serve in the Ukrainian armed forces, including more than 4,000 female officers.


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