Malta’s decision to close its borders to non-vaccinated people is against European rules


French Minister of State for European Affairs Clément Bonn considered that Malta’s decision to close its borders to unvaccinated travelers against Corona “contradicts European rules.”

During the “Grand Randi Vu” program on Radio “Europe 1”, he said: “I do not condemn the decision taken by Malta, but I think we should adhere to our framework and implement it fully.” He explained, “This framework is the European health certificate. It is desirable that they reverse their decision.”

He pointed out that “what Malta has done is that it no longer recognizes only the vaccine. This should alert us that if the situation deteriorates, the attempts to close, sometimes against the rules, will increase.”

He pointed out that “it is out of the question to punish Malta,” adding: “What concerns me is protecting the holidays of the French and the Europeans.”


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