Maggie Bou Ghosn reveals her opinion on Nawal Al Zoghbi’s song “Ask al-Nataa”


04:01 AM

Thursday 15 July 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
Lebanese singer Maguy Bogson revealed her opinion on Nawal Al Zoghbi’s song “Ask Al-Nata’a” (Ask Al-Nataa).
And Maggie wrote, through her official account on the Twitter site: “Congratulations, my love, my heart (the opposite of nature), and I can say that she is famous and wonderful.”
And Nawal Al Zoghbi had recently revealed, through her Instagram account, the official poster for her new album, “Ask al-Nataa”, which she is preparing to release in the next few days.
It is noteworthy that Nawal Al Zoghbi is preparing to perform a concert at the Sheraton Hotel in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on July 16, and “Nawal” is scheduled to present some of her most famous songs during the ceremony.


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