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Multiple methods luxury makeup, It is adopted in modern ways that give women a very attractive look. The most important Saudi beauty experts will inspire you with a luxurious makeup collection that suits Arab women during the holidays. With Eid Al-Adha approaching, we list for you several luxurious makeup styles inspired by the Saudi makeup artist, for you to choose from among them what suits you.
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Smokey eye makeup in contrasting colors from Shahd Al Khattabi

Smokey eye makeup in contrasting colors (photo from Shahd Al-Khattabi's Instagram account)
Smokey eye makeup in contrasting colors (photo from Shahd Al-Khattabi’s Instagram account)

no longer Smokey eye makeup Restricted to dark traditional colors, such as black and brown, Saudi makeup expert Shahd Al-Khattabi adopted it in two light and completely contrasting colors, where she used the pink shade along the lower eyelash line, while beige and brown gradations were adopted on the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye in a very attractive smoky style. I also used bright pink lipstick.

Shiny purple eye makeup from Nawal Khurramy

Shiny purple eye makeup (photo from Nawal Khoury's Instagram account)
Shiny purple eye makeup (photo from Nawal Khoury’s Instagram account)

Mauve or purple makeup is one of the most popular beauty trends at the moment, and because it harmonizes with different skin tones, you can adopt it in a modern style on Eid, inspired by Saudi makeup expert Nawal Kharmi, so that you use eye shadows in different shades of violet, with a shiny and luminous touch when teared eye and under the lower eyelid.

Neon green makeup by Nora Bo Awad

Green neon makeup (photo from Nora Bo Awad's Instagram account)
Green neon makeup (photo from Nora Bo Awad’s Instagram account)

Green neon is one of the Make-up colors Bright and strong, but it is a popular makeup fashion, so do not be afraid to try it on Eid, as it gives you a modern, bold and distinctive look that draws attention to you. And you can take inspiration from neon green eye makeup from Saudi makeup expert Noura Bo Awad, by using neon green eye shadow on the inner side of the upper and lower eyelids and when the eyes tear, and warm earthy colors with a glossy touch at the outer corner of the eye in a smoky style.
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Earthy makeup by Sarah Al-Subaie

Earthy makeup (Image via Sarah Al Subaie's Instagram account)
Earthy makeup (Image via Sarah Al Subaie’s Instagram account)

Also, the Saudi makeup expert, Sarah Al-Subaie, inspires you with an attractive smokey makeup that makes the eyes drawn, larger and more wide, using dark shades that you mix above the eye and at the outer corner of the eye in a smoky style, while shading the lower eyelid with the same gradations, and using bronze tones that increase your skin beauty, to side red Nude lips close to the color of the skin.

Shiny make-up with warm colors from Lama Al-Khalidi

Shiny makeup (photo from Lama Al-Khalidi's Instagram account)
Shiny makeup (photo from Lama Al-Khalidi’s Instagram account)

befitting Glitter Make-up With its warm colors with all skin tones, to look bright and glowing on Eid. You can be inspired by the Saudi makeup expert, Lama Al-Khalidi, for a soft and elegant glossy makeup, based on the use of warm eye shadows above the eye, with a glossy touch along the fixed eyelid, with prominent eyelashes and kohl inside the eye. As for the lipstick, it is a light nude color.

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