Luck smiles on the “Uber” driver… What happened?


For those who think luck is always on their side, perhaps the following story will change this bleak outlook. A woman won a grand prize after persistent attempts.

In the details reported by CNN, a female driver in the food delivery company, Uber Eat, won a quarter of a million dollars in the lottery.
The winner, who only described her name as a “grateful mother”, said she is a 47-year-old mother of five.
Grateful Nations, who lives in Maryland, learned of the big win as she sat in her car waiting to set out on a meal delivery mission to a customer, checking out the lottery app on her smartphone.
And the impact of the happy surprise was amazing on the woman when she saw the big number, and she said that she had gone crazy after winning 250 thousand dollars.
That big win cost her only a $10 lottery ticket.
She said the first thing she would do was that she would not work with Uber.
Previously, the “Grateful Mother” was constantly buying lottery tickets, but she would limit purchases to two or three tickets at most, often while delivering meals to customers.
And while it has won small prizes here and there in the past, including $1,500
dollars, but the prize of a quarter of a million dollars was the largest in her life.
The “grateful mother” plans to use the prize to pay off the debt and provide financial support for her children, as well as a down payment to buy a house.


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