Like Tyson, a Moroccan boxer “bites” his opponent in the Tokyo Olympics



Tyson style.. Moroccan boxer


The boxing competitions in the current Olympic Games in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, witnessed a strange event, represented in the case of a Moroccan boxer “biting” his opponent.

During the fight that brought together today, Tuesday, Moroccan boxer Younes Baalah and New Zealand’s David Nikia, in the 16th round of the weight category under 91 kg, Baalah tried to bite off his opponent’s ear in the last round, but Nikia managed to remove his head in time.

Tyson style.. Moroccan boxer


The Sri Lankan referee, Thambo Nilka Chirumala, who managed the fight, only warned the Moroccan boxer, who lost the confrontation (0-5), and bid farewell to the boxing competitions early.

This incident brought to mind what happened in the famous fight in 1997 between the American Evander Holyfield, the former absolute world champion of boxing, and his compatriot, the legendary Mike Tyson, when the confrontation between the boxers ended with Tyson’s defeat, due to him biting his opponent’s ear.

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