Lebanon.. Assigning Mikati to form a government closes the door for its formation


Mina Observatory – Lebanon

Amid anticipation of the results of the binding parliamentary consultations scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, the complications related to the file of forming the new government continue in Lebanon, especially if the consultations bear the name of President “Naguib Mikati” to assign him to form the government, because it will close the door to its formation in light of the fierce opposition by the President of the Republic, “Michel” Aoun” and the Free Patriotic Movement that supports him, according to informed sources.

A Lebanese source following the ongoing contacts said that the former prime minister, Najib Mikati, will be the designated prime minister on Monday, noting that this will lead to the assignment, but authorship will be impossible, due to President Michel Aoun’s objection to the name Mikati.

The source familiar with Hezbollah’s positions confirmed that negotiations with Mikati are serious, and that the latter deals with the details of two governments, and not just the current government, but goes beyond it to the government that will follow the elections date next May.

At the same time, the source revealed that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, “Gibran Bassil”, went to nominate the former ambassador, “Nawaf Salam,” considering it “a quarrel with the party”, and it will not achieve American satisfaction.

The Free Patriotic Movement, which supports President Michel Aoun, has raised the pace of its opposition to assigning Mikati to form the government, and a member of the parliamentary bloc, MP Hikmat Deeb, said that there is a suspicion of illegal enrichment and on several other issues about Mikati.

Dib also wondered if “Lebanese public opinion and civil society will accept a person who has these violations,” stressing that the bloc is not naming or naming another person if it is lucky.

He added: “If Mikati returns the housing loans with their interest, he gets my vote, and if he returns the $500 to establish the cell line (which the mobile phone companies took from subscribers, and Mikati owned one of them), we desperately need every dollar, which was taken against the law, or if he donated With two billion dollars to buy medicine and support the needy, I vote for it.”

On the other hand, a member of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah, announced that there are contacts taking place between a number of parliamentary blocs to reach an understanding on assigning a new prime minister, and that in light of the options presented, the bloc will determine its position at a meeting it will hold next Monday morning and announce it during parliamentary consultations from Baabda Palace.

Fadlallah considered it important that the assignment be an actual prelude to forming a government without obstacles or creating conditions that would drain more time, because the priority is to form a government to carry out quick rescue missions in light of the ongoing collapse.

In turn, a member of the “Development and Liberation” bloc, which includes Amal Movement deputies, MP “Ali Bazzi”, said that the coming hours should constitute an improvement in the performance and positions of parliamentary blocs and political parties during binding parliamentary consultations as a starting point for the rescue process, hoping that others will bear responsibility away from populism and brokering. And selling illusions, in the midst of crises and collapses, as he described it.


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