Learn about the youngest participants in the history of the Olympics


as I became table tennis player Syrian The fifth youngest athlete to participate in the history of the Olympics. I said goodbye”Tokyo OlympicsAfter losing to Austrian Jia Liu 4-0.

After that confrontation, coach Adham Jamaan, who discovered the “Syrian boom” as some are nicknamed Al-Saghira, pointed out zaza, that there is a plan that India has been following for nearly five years, and that it includes that participation in the Tokyo Olympics will be honorary, and the most important purpose of it is to touch the atmosphere of this global sporting event, with the goal of participating in the “Paris Olympics 2024” is to obtain a medal Olympic.

The “Sky News Arabia” website monitors some of the youngest participants in the Olympics throughout history.

Demetrius Londras

Greek Demetrius Londras is the youngest Olympic athlete in history, when he competed in the Athens Olympics in 1896.
Lundras excelled at a young age in gymnastics, to participate with his country in the Olympics at the age of only 10 years, and was able to win the bronze medal, to write his name in letters of gold among the list of the most prominent players who participated in the Olympics in various versions.

gorika singh

Nepalese swimmer Gorika Singh, the youngest participant in the 2016 Olympics, which was held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, was only 13 years old, and despite winning the first round of the 100-meter race, she did not qualify for the semi-finals, and finished the Olympics in 31st place. .

Luigina Giavotti

In 1928, the Olympic Games were held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Italy was represented in gymnastics by three players, who were not more than 13 years old at the time, led by Luigina Giavuti (11 years old), in addition to Ines Versese and Carla Marangoni, who are 12 years old.

Inge Sorensen

The 1936 Olympics in Berlin saw 12-year-old Danish swimmer Inge Sorensen take the bronze, making her the youngest individual Olympic medalist in history.

Marjorie Gestring

Also at the 1936 Olympics, thirteen-year-old American Marjorie Gestring won the gold medal in moving platform diving, becoming one of the youngest Olympic medalists.

Donna de Varona

At the age of 13, the American swimmer Donna de Varona participated in the 1960 Olympics, which was held in Rome, and she and her team succeeded in winning the gold medal in the relay races (400 meters free).

Dominic Mociano

At the 1996 Olympics, which was held in Atlanta, Dominique Mociano participated with the US women’s gymnastics team, when she was only 14 years old, and this team succeeded in achieving the gold medal at the time.


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