Lara Al-Hashem to Dima Sadek: “The malice when we try to hide a clear truth…”


LBC correspondent Lara Al-Hashem responded to Dima Sadek (without naming her) with a tweet in which he stated: “The malice when we try to hide a clear truth on the ground, but for incitement. Ignorance is when a person thinks that he knows the secrets of the universe alone. There are no strict partisan directives. Unfortunately, some people are obsessed with conspiracy theory and have no value for fellowship.

This response came after Dima Sadek tweeted: “LBC: “Hezbollah may elect Aref Yassin because he is Shiite.” This misinformation is cheap and very cheap. Hezbollah wants to elect a fierce Shiite opponent of its ideology because it is Shiite? By God, I do not know if this is ignorance or not Maliciousness and no media intelligence job. Hezbollah wants to elect a Shiite opponent of God? Do you have Hezbollah that elects ISIS and does not elect a Shiite opponent of God!”

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