Kyrgyz Prime Minister: The UAE is an “inspiring” model for empowering people of determination


Dubai (Etihad)

Ulugbek Maripov, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, stressed that the UAE is an inspiring model for empowering people of determination, in light of the great interest and support to become a leader in this field.

This came during a meeting in the capital, Bishkek, with Majid Al-Osaimi, head of the Asian Paralympic Committee, as part of the latter’s tours to the countries of the Central Continent.

The Prime Minister affirmed his country’s interest in supporting the people of determination and the Paralympic movement, welcoming the son of the Emirates, especially that Al-Osaimi’s visit is the first visit to an international organization concerned with the affairs of the Paralympic movement.

The President of the Asian Paralympic Committee praised the relationship between the UAE and Kyrgyzstan in all fields, looking forward to seeing champions from Kyrgyzstan on the podiums in the Asian and Paralympic Games. He also met with Belbek Tlobek, Mayor of Bishkek Al-Osaimi, praising this visit, which supports the National Paralympic Movement, looking forward to achieving all its desired goals in accordance with the established approach.

Al-Osaimi’s visit to Kyrgyzstan included judo training centers for people with visual impairments, talent discovery schools, and the powerlifting team, which recently participated in the Fazza International – Dubai World Cup 2021, while he held a meeting with Isakov Beket, head of the Kyrgyz Paralympic Committee, in the presence of Tariq Al-Suwaie, Executive Director of the Asian Paralympic Committee.

The President of the Asian Paralympic Committee also visited Tajikistan, where he met with Tajeddin Jura Dhoda, Minister of Tourism and Sports Al-Osaimi, as well as Dilshud Nazof, First Deputy Minister of Sports and the owner of the only gold medal for his country in the history of its Olympic participation, who confirmed his relentless endeavor to integrate athletes of determination in 125 centers to develop them and advance the movement. The National Paralympics forward, to the desired goal.

Al-Osaimi also met with Mohsen Zora Ghafoor Mohsen, Deputy Minister of Health and Chairman of the Asian Paralympic Committee, while he held a meeting with Pervez Popushribov, head of the Tajik Paralympic Committee, who discussed the most important challenges facing the Committee, especially during the Corona pandemic that swept the world; In order to return the sport of People of Determination to the fore, so that each affiliate achieves his desired ambitions according to the strategy set by the National Committee.


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