Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | “Philip Morris” calls for a ban on cigarettes and a world without smoke!


Tobacco chief executive Jacek Olchuk has called on the UK government to ban cigarettes within a decade, in a move that would ban its Marlboro brand.

Olchak said the company could “see the world without cigarettes, and in fact the earlier this happens, the better for everyone”.

He pointed out that “cigarettes should be treated like gasoline-powered cars, and it is scheduled to ban their sale in some countries as of 2030.”

Olchak said, in an interview with the “Sunday Telegraph” newspaper reported by “Al-Hurra Net” yesterday, that “government measures can end the confusion felt by smokers, some of whom still believe that alternatives are worse than cigarettes.”

He explained that giving smokers alternatives to cigarettes (such as electronic cigarettes) “while regulating this process and providing correct information about it” could make a shift within 10 years in this regard.

Philip Morris said it aims to make half of its sales from non-smoking products because it will turn into a “health and wellness company” that wants to “remove smoke from the world” by phasing out cigarettes.

However, the company has come under fire from anti-smoking campaigners who accused it of hypocrisy, after it made a 1 billion pound ($1.4 billion) bid to take over Victora, a British pharmaceutical company that makes asthma inhalers.


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