Kuwait decides to deport Pakistani actor Farhan Al-Ali after the scratching video


Scandal is back Pakistani actor Farhan Al-Ali Nationality, to the front again after a final decision by the country’s Ministry of Interior to deport him despite a previous ruling by the Court of Cassation to refrain from pronouncing Al-Ali’s punishment and to cancel his two-year prison sentence due to the incriminating video he broadcast
According to the “Majlis” account on Twitter, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior lost the deportation of Pakistani actor Farhan Al-Ali outside the country because of a video clip described as “indecent.”

The ministry took its decision despite a previous ruling by the Court of Cassation to refrain from uttering Al-Ali’s punishment and to cancel his two-year prison sentence because of the video he posted on his account with the Snapchat application.
On the other hand, the newspaper reported,Al QabasThe local newspaper, quoting an informed security source, confirmed that the deportation decision was enforceable despite the ruling of the Court of Cassation, saying that the deportation prison administration would set a date for his deportation to his home country within 48 hours.
It is noteworthy that in September 2020, the Criminal Court ruled that Al-Ali be imprisoned with hard labor, a fine of 1,000 dinars ($3,300), and his deportation from the country after carrying out the sentence.
The Pakistani actor used to appear in small roles in Kuwaiti plays and series.

Farhan Al-Ali and the penis video

It is noteworthy that earlier in the year 2020, the Pakistani artist, Farhan Al-Ali, sparked a wave of controversy after he published A video of him showing his penisActivists said he was drunk.
Earlier, the Criminal Court rejected a request for release submitted by the defense of Pakistani artist Farhan Al-Ali, and decided to postpone his trial to present a pleading.
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The Pakistani actor, Al-Ali, had denied, during the prosecution’s investigation with him, the accusations against him, claiming that “hacker” had stolen his account on the “Sana Chat” program and broadcast the indecent clip through it.
A Kuwaiti security source said it was likely that the “council” Farhan Al-Ali would be deported after he was arrested at the moment of the incident, and charged with “outraging public modesty.”

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