Konami announces the end of the PES upgrade and a number of other surprises


Video: Konami announces the end of the PES upgrade and a number of other surprises

The famous Japanese company Konami announced the end of naming its most famous football simulation game “PES” after many years of adopting this name, as part of a wide renewal process that the company is going through, including, in addition to the name, the way of playing and other variables that formed a big surprise for the followers.

Konami named its famous football simulation game Pro Evolution Soccer or PES in 2001, and it lasted for two decades, but this time decided to change the name that formed one of the game’s strengths to eFootball PES, but that’s not all One thing, according to Pc Gamer, Konami has decided to drop the annual release cycle as well. Instead, eFootball will be a free-to-play “football platform” powered by downloadable content, launching this fall on PC.


In addition, it is built on the Unreal Engine and features crossovers with console and mobile players. Mobile players will only be allowed to cross with a console, and there will be matches between owners of the same brand of devices: Sony console players together, and Microsoft Console players on their side. The title will use the Unreal Engine and offer official licenses, especially at the level of teams and player names.

However, paid services will always be available in the game.

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