King of Jordan: I am the first Arab leader to meet Biden, and this confirms that America realizes our importance


Jordan’s King Abdullah II said that his country’s arrival in Washington as the first country in the region did not come by chance, but rather a message about the depth of the relationship that stretches back several decades.

The King explained to the media delegation accompanying him on his visit to the American capital, Washington, that his visit to the White House as the first Arab leader and from the Middle East confirms that the United States is aware of Jordan’s pivotal role and considers it the best representative of the region’s issues and the voice of reason in it. According to the Kingdom of Jordan website.

The King considered this visit one of the most successful visits to the United States, pointing out that the summit meeting was filled with positive messages from President Biden about the United States’ readiness to provide all forms of assistance needed to Jordan.

He said that the US administration understands and appreciates Jordan’s role in dealing with crises and is keen to listen to the Jordanian point of view, adding that the United States trusts the Kingdom and its regional role.

On Monday, King Abdullah II of Jordan and US President Joe Biden held, Summit meeting at the White House in WashingtonDuring the meeting, the two leaders affirmed the strength of relations between Jordan and the United States, and their keenness to consolidate them in various fields.

The summit dealt with expanding the horizons of strategic partnership between Jordan and the United States, in addition to regional and international developments, on which the Palestinian issue topped the agenda.

The talks also dealt with developments in the region, especially the situation in Jerusalem, where King Abdullah stressed the need to preserve the historical and legal status quo in Jerusalem, especially on the Temple Mount.

King Abdullah plays a unique role in the Middle East and is seen by US officials as a moderate and pragmatic leader who can play a mediating role.

He is the first Middle Eastern leader to visit the White House in Biden’s presence, and he will be followed by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, who is scheduled to visit Washington on July 26.


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