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The sides of the Olympic Stadium in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, witnessed, on Friday, a unique humanitarian shot that brought together two Syrian brothers, during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

The shot, which attracted the attention of the lenses, and was shared by many on social media platforms, brought together Muhammad and Alaa Masso.. Two Syrian brothers appeared in two different gowns, hugging tightly during the parade of the participating teams, the first representing the official Syrian team, and the second playing for the refugee team.

The story of Muhammad and Alaa is the story of the Syrian tragedy that has been going on for more than 10 years. The war that killed hundreds of thousands and forced millions to emigrate, imposed its harsh judgments on the lives of the two brothers.

According to his biography published on the official website of the Olympic Committee, Alaa, 21, lived in Aleppo in northern Syria with his family, and practiced swimming at an early age with the encouragement of his father, who also practiced swimming training after compulsory military service.

However, the future champion was forced to leave his country in 2015 after the war destroyed the sports facilities in which he was training, and after a long trip through Europe, he was finally able to settle in Germany, to immediately return to practicing his favorite sport.

From the Olympic Opening Ceremony

From the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Alaa said in statements to the official Olympic Committee website: “Thanks to sports, I was able to separate myself from a lot of negativity, and gain confidence in my personal life during training, because the more I trained hard, the better, and this is what I try to build my life on – staying positive, creative and in good health.” .

According to what was reported by CNN, from previous statements to him, Alaa Masso addressed the officials of the Syrian swimming team to participate in his name in the international tournaments in 2018, but his request did not receive attention, without specifying a clear reason, so he initiated a request to join the refugee team in 2019. .

As for Mohammed, the older brother, 28, whose birthday coincided with the opening ceremony of the Olympics today, July 23, he also fled the fires of the Syrian war in 2015 to land in Hanover, Germany, where he chose to practice triathlon, which includes swimming, jogging and cycling.

Muhammad reveals, on his official website, that during his long journey through Europe, he did not forget to carry in his backpack the Syrian triathlon team uniform, and the running shoes for sports, and without giving up on them he was able to overcome many obstacles while moving from one country to another.

After the drama of war and migration, the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo brought the two brothers together in an exceptional snapshot of the largest sporting event on earth. A scene that caught many and was described, for example, by Muhammad Khalifa on Twitter, “a great, dramatic and sad shot.”

Perhaps neither Muhammad nor Alaa will succeed in winning an Olympic medal in Tokyo, but the story of their struggle and their exceptional meeting in the Olympic stadium will remain among the influential human signs in an Olympic tournament that was officially launched hours ago.


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