Khamenei calls on the people of Khuzestan not to provide an excuse for Iran’s enemies


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called on the residents of Khuzestan not to provide an “excuse” to Iran’s enemies, after days of protests in the province against the backdrop of water scarcity, stressing that they cannot be “blamed” for expressing their annoyance over this “problem”.

Addressing the residents of the southwestern province, Khamenei said, “People should also be aware that the enemy wants to benefit from every small thing against the country, the Islamic revolution, and against the general interests of the people.”

“During the past seven or eight days, one of our concerns was the issue of Khuzestan and the water and the problems of the people there,” Khamenei noted, adding, “It is really painful to see that Khuzestan province, with these loyal people and such potential, natural resources and the many factories that exist in that province, When people get to a point where they are upset and upset.” He stressed that “now that people have expressed their discomfort, they cannot be blamed,” adding that “the water problem is not small, especially in that harsh climate of Khuzestan.”

The oil-rich Khuzestan province, which borders Iraq, has been witnessing protests since last Thursday against the backdrop of water scarcity.

During the past days, at least three people were killed in this province, including a demonstrator and a police officer, according to Iranian media, citing officials.


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