Khaled Al-Dosari’s lawyer admits: He received an unfair trial because he is a Muslim


Washington (echo):

The American lawyer, who was charged with defending Khaled Al-Dosari, during his appearance in the American media, admitted his shortcomings and failure to defend him. Noting that Khaled Al-Dosari does not deserve the life sentence against him.

The lawyer also admitted the pressures he was subjected to at the time of his assignment, adding that Al-Dosari was ill and innocent and received an unfair trial only because he was a Muslim.

The lawyer’s confessions sparked a state of interaction on social media, and a tweeter commented:

The case of the detainee in America, Khaled Al-Dosari, is a conspiracy against the son of the homeland, with all the meanings of the word, and what has been published in these clips confirms this and responds to those who doubt his innocence. Knowing that we still challenge the Americans to present a video clip proving that Khaled Al-Dosari is conducting experiments in his apartment on the materials as they claim “.


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