Kazem El Saher celebrates 18 years of his famous album “Barefoot”


Kazem Al-saher

Iraqi artist Kazem El-Saher celebrated the 18th anniversary of his famous album “Barefoot”, which has achieved wide fame and positive reactions since its release in 2003 until now, and the album’s songs have been viewed nearly 100 million times.

Al-Saher published a picture of the album on his official page on “Instagram”, commenting on it: “18 years ago, on this day, the album Barefoot was released.”

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The audience interacted greatly with the publication, congratulating Kazem El-Saher on the album, which was admired by a large segment of lovers at the time, and comments poured in: “So far, I hear him a wonderful need, a time of beautiful poetry and wonderful songs, every week I hear the songs of this lover and capable album in his words.”

The album included 6 distinguished songs, including: “Darb Al-Alam”, “Abus Soulhak”, “Taqoul Al-Hawa”, “Min Int”, “Dialogue with the Self”, and “Barefoot”, which was filmed in a “video clip”. .


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